Stay Bear Aware at The Foothills

It’s officially summer, and that means more barbeques, picnics, and fun in the sun! It also means that residents at The Foothills need to be aware of their “neighbours”… raccoons, coyotes, deer and bears.

Drake Stevens is our local Bear Aware representative, and lives right here on Burke Mountain. Here are a few of his tips to ensure everyone is taking the right steps to reduce wildlife nuisances in our neighbourhoods.

  • Store garbage indoors, in your garage or shed, in a sturdy bear proof container. Freeze meat scraps and add them to your garbage on pick up day to minimize the scent
  • Garbage, recycling and yard trimmings must be placed on the curb/lane no earlier than 5:30am and no later than 7:30am on collection days (for Burke Mountain residents, no earlier than 5:30am on Monday mornings)
  • Clean your barbeque grill after each use and cover it when it is not in use. Burn grease off the grill by turning the burners on high for 20 minutes with the lid closed
  • Place birdfeeders out of bears reach and keep the ground free of seeds
  • Use a proper compost bin, turning your compost regularly. Do not put meat, fish, fat, oils, unrinsed eggshells or any cooked food in the compost
  • Bring pet dishes indoors

Properly storing and securing residential garbage and other items that attract bears is a proven method for discouraging them and preventing nuisance problems in our neighbourhoods.

For more information on bears, or being Bear Aware, go to: or pick up your Guide to Bear Safety at Home at the Foothills Information Centre.

To report a bear sighting in your neighbourhood call the Conservation Officer Service at 1.877.952.7277.