Stage 3 Watering Restrictions Begin July 21

In the wake of last week’s provincial declaration of Level 4 drought for the South Coast and Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver has issued Stage 3 Watering Restrictions to begin Tuesday, July 21 throughout the Lower Mainland to conserve water.

A Level 4 drought is characterized by extremely dry conditions, requiring voluntary conservation, restrictions and regulatory response because the water supply is insufficient to meet socio-economic and ecosystem needs. Level 4 is the highest drought level classification.


  • Residential lawn sprinkling is prohibited
    • In relation to NO LAWN WATERING, the City will no longer issue water exemption permits for new lawn or nematodes application. Previously issued exemption permits are no longer valid.
  • Flowers & vegetable gardens, decorative planters, shrubs & trees may only be watered by hand using a spring-loaded shut-off nozzle, or using containers or drip irrigation. Use of sprinklers or soaker hoses is prohibited.
  • Refilling of private pools, spas & garden ponds is prohibited
  • No outdoor washing or rinsing of vehicles & pleasure crafts, except for safety (windows, lights & licenses only)
  • Public and commercial water features and fountains are shut down
  • Only water play parks with user-activated switches will be operated
  • Pressure washing is only permitted for health & safety purposes or to prepare a surface for painting or similar treatment. Washing for aesthetic purposes is prohibited.

For clarification on any of the Stage 3 restrictions, read the Metro Vancouver Water Shortage Response Plan.