Ruben’s Shoes at the Easter Egg Hunt

Ruben’s Shoes collects new and gently-used shoes for kids and adults in less developed countries.ruben's shoes

Ruben’s Shoes will be collecting shoes at the 3rd Annual Burke Mountain Community Easter Egg Hunt! Their goal is to fill up the back of a pick-up truck with new and gently-used shoes to send to developing countries – can you help them achieve their goal?

Shoes needed (in any size):
Rugged Sandals (see below)
Running shoes

For more information, click HERE.

Kelly Strongitharm, co-founder of Three Sixty Financial Group, had the honour and privilege of meeting Ruben, the boy she had been sponsoring through World Vision for 7yrs, in December 2012.

Upon meeting Ruben and his family, Kelly felt an immediate connection, and although they had to communicate through a translator, the language of love is universal and was felt by all.

Seeing how radically different life in the Dominican is, Kelly felt compelled to do something to give back to the community that affected her life so profoundly and thus Ruben’s Shoes was born.