Help Rid Marguerite Park of Invasive Plants

On Tuesday, April 8, help the City of Coquitlam rid Marguerite Park of Himalayan blackberry and English holly.

Invasive plants are non-native plants that were introduced to our environment through seeds, cuttings, garden plants, etc. They spread aggressively and take over the natural environment. They push out native plants, including endangered species, and destroy habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife. They can also cause erosion and silt problems in creeks and impact aquatic creatures. Invasive plants are expensive to control and eradicate. Some, like Giant Hogweed, are even dangerous to human health. Quite simply, they are Bad Seeds.

English+IvyThe team will be at Marguerite Park on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 from 9:15am – 12pm. They’ll even provide the hand tools, shovels and gloves! Become a “Bad Seed” volunteer by signing up here or just show up along the path between 3352 and 3356 Devonshire Avenue at 9:15am.

Read more about invasive plants in Coquitlam here.