Rain Gardens at The Foothills

Spring has arrived at The Foothills, and while we have been spoiled with sunshine and warm weather, the rain has started (and will likely stick around a while!).

Did you know that Burke Mountain has some beautiful Rain Gardens landscaped into its parks and open spaces?

While you may have seen a Rain Garden in your neighbourhood, you may not quite know what their purpose is.

Not only do Rain Gardens look beautiful, they play an important role in keeping our creeks and streams clean. Rain Gardens are carefully chosen plants and rocks that help filter sediment through rain and runoff. They prevent excess amounts of this sediment and pollutants to enter our natural waterways.

Plants in Rain Gardens are chosen because of their ability to thrive in moist and flooded areas.

Rain Gardens are built in low-lying areas where they collect water as it runs off through a neighbourhood. As water leaves the Garden, it enters a pipe that leads to a drain system which then leads to a nearby creek.

Check out the large Rain Garden at Galloway Park!