Feedback Wanted: Northeast Coquitlam Community Centre

The City of Coquitlam wants your input to help plan the future Community Centre on Burke Mountain! 

The future Burke Mountain Community Centre will be in the Village Centre, at the heart of the Burke Mountain community. The City is looking for input from all residents of Burke Mountain, specifically those with children.

Send your answers to the questions below to:

Tiina Mack
Manager of Recreation and Culture Facilities Planning
Parks, Recreation and Culture | City of Coquitlam

1. What do you believe are the top 3 needs for community centre programming in Northeast Coquitlam?

2. What do you believe are some of the challenges preventing residents in Northeast Coquitlam from feeling connected to the community?

3. What services do you believe NE Coquitlam residents need access to, in order to improve their quality of life?

4. What innovative ideas for community centres have you seen elsewhere, that could be included here, to support community needs?

5. What history, physical and/or social characteristics of Burke Mountain do you feel should be considered in the development of this project?

6. We’ve identified some gaps in survey data (i.e. certain demographic respondents, children and youth). How do you think we can fill these gaps?

7. Are there any other groups that you think we should reach out to in order to inform the design of the facility?

8. In the context of the community centre, what else do you think we should know or explore?