Harper Fill Site

We often get questions about the big empty site at the top of the development on the north side of Harper Road, so we thought we would share some information with you about the Harper Fill Site.harper06

Wesbild opened the fill site in 2008 as a low impact development solution, with the ability to be converted into a community feature in the future.

Traditionally, construction practices would see soil that is extracted during preparation of the land to be taken away by a series dump trucks and trucked out to a dump location in Pitt Meadows, Mission, or beyond. Trucking this soil to other areas of the Lower Mainland leads to more trucks on the road and increases pollution, and therefore is not  environmentally friendly.

This doesn’t keep in line with the forward thinking, sustainable nature of Wesbild’s Foothills development so we created a place on Burke Mountain for the fill material to go, and a place that would eventually provide a long term benefit to the area.

Here are some more stats about Wesbild’s Harper Fill Site:

  •  We have taken 37,000 loads of soil up to the Harper Fill Site since it opened
  •  Average trip to take soil up Burke Mountain = 3.1km
  •  Average trip to take soil off site = 23.65km
  •  Total truck kilometers saved to-date is 760,350km – that is 15,207 hours (or 633 days) about of driving at 50km/hr!

The Harper Fill Site has the potential to be transformed for a number of different uses once Wesbild’s development is complete. It could be developed into a park, playing fields, private school site, community church, or yards for homes. Ultimately, the use of this land will be determined by the City of Coquitlam.

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