Halloween Safety

Halloween is sure to bring witches, ghouls and ghosts to the streets of The Foothills!halloween night

Here are our 10 Trick-Or-Treating tips to make sure everyone has a Happy Halloween:

  1. Trick or Treat in groups, with an adult
  2. Stay on the sidewalks and driveways
  3. Make sure to stop and look both ways before crossing the street
  4. Wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes, and carry flashlights or light sticks
  5. Only trick-or-treat at homes that have a light on or decorations out
  6. Plan a route before you go (for maximum candy collection!)
  7. Never eat candy that is unwrapped
  8. Avoid hats and masks that obstruct vision
  9. Drivers: Please slow down! There will be LOTS of kids on the streets!
  10. Remember, Fireworks and Firecrackers are banned in Coquitlam (unless you have a permit)

Oh… and don’t forget

*contest is open to residents of Burke Mountain only. The photo with the most “Likes” on Facebook by noon on Monday, November 3 (determined by Wesbild staff) will win. Questions? Email Laura Broomfield at LBroomfield@wesbild.com.