Get Involved with Translink’s Plans

Anxious for more transit service at Burke Mountain? Get involved with TransLink’s Northeast Sector Area Transit Plan!

Provide your feedback by completing this short survey: TransLink Phase III Survey

The Burke Mountain, Port Coquitlam North, Dominion Triangle section of the plan affects the community at The Foothills. Below is a map of the current routes in the area, which include the new 188 bus that services Burke Mountain at Coast Meridian Road and David Avenue:


The proposed changes would increase the existing 188 bus frequency, and introduce the”New 9″ and “New 4” service to Burke Mountain (Light Blue and Dark Blue routes):


TransLink’s plan has outlined the Benefits and Tradeoffs of the plan, which includes the ability to adapt to future development at Burke Mountain.

Translink-benefitsTransLink staff will be available to answer your questions about the plan and survey at the following events in our community:

Read more about TransLink’s Northeast Sector Area Transit Plan here.