Explore Your Neighbourhood: DeBoville Slough

Tucked away along the Pitt River, just off Victoria Drive, is the DeBoville Slough. A part of the Traboulay Poco Trail, this piece of Burke Mountain is a great place to take the kids and dogs and enjoy the gorgeous landspace of your community.

Walking along the dike, enjoy views of Burke Mountain and Minnekhada Park. Once you turn along the Pitt River, if it’s a clear day you’ll get a terrific view of Mount Baker.  Keep your eyes open for wildlife, including eagles, great blue herons, coyotes and deer.

This is an easy trail, made of packed dirt and gravel. It is approximately 4.5km from the parking lot to Dominion Avenue along the trail.

I took the photos below while out on a bike ride on April 13, 2012. Whether you choose to bike, run, or walk, the DeBoville Slough is a beautiful piece of the Burke Mountain Community.

– Laura

* To access the DeBoville Slough from Burke Mountain, head east down Victoria Drive. When Victoria Drive reaches Cedar Drive, you will see a gravel parking lot on the left hand side of the road. 

Early evening shot on the Traboulay Poco Trail along the DeBoville Slough

Sunset views of Mt. Baker along the Pitt River on the Traboulay Poco Trail

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