Environmental Initiatives at The Foothills

Do you know the environmental considerations that go into developing a new community? Wesbild is committed to ensure the protection and respect of the natural environment in which we build our communities.

ECO-INTELLIGENCE Respect and stewardship of the environments of our communities are two pillars of the Wesbild philosophy and mandate. Before a home is imagined, or a hammer is lifted the planning for the care and nurturing of the natural habitat is first and foremost on our minds.

_AMF1503BIO-REMEDIATION CHANNEL The idea is simple. Add natural food and nutrients to the treated water discharge before the water flow returns to local creeks & streams. These bio-remediation channels are key storm water initiatives. The channel also includes natural stone and gravel substrates so that micro-organisms essential to stream health can grow. There will be significant large woody debris for shelter along with native replanting to provide shate that protects life-sustaining water temperatures.

TEMPORARY SEDIMENT AND EROSION CONTROL POND Construction is a time where we are particularly vigilant in the protection of the environment. To maintain water quality in local water courses we install Sediment and Erosion Control Ponds. They remove suspended sediments from storm water by calming and filtration. The ponds are generally ready to be removed when 85% of the neighbourhood homes are complete.

WATER QUALITY POND Local water quality ponds are part of the ongoing neighbourhood. The pond is a place where sediment is removed from minor storm flows. The ponds help maintain base flows in local watercourses. Effective plant selection is the key here. The addition of food and nutrients to the water and the natural removal of nitrates, phosphates and metals greatly improves the streams’ water quality.

GREEN STREET Homes on Coquitlam’s first Green Street enjoy a natural linear park as their front yards. Instead of pavement there is grass, providing enhanced storm water infiltration. This Green Street is part of the overall community trail network.

HYDE CREEK REARING POND This is the off channel rearing pond at Hyde Creek. The pond provides shelter during high flows and sustained water levels during low flows for salmon fry. The pond also includes natural stone and gravel substrates, significant large woody debris for shelter and native replanting for shade to protect water temperatures.