Coquitlam Planning Riley Park

The City of Coquitlam has begun the process of planning Riley Park on Burke Mountain. Riley Park is a new, undeveloped 3.5 acre neighbourhood park at the corner of Burke Village Promenade and Riley Street. The proposed amenities for Riley Park will take into consideration the topography and views and potentially include a climbing play structure; embankment play elements; pathways through the park; a passive green space for picnicking; and a wooden deck seating area.

City staff have also started thinking about the plans for Sheffield Park to ensure both parks are planned with amenities to complement each other and provide a wide range of services to the community. Planning for Sheffield Park will continue when the plans for Riley Park have been completed in late 2017.

A date for public consultation regarding the plans for Riley Park will be set sometime this Spring – stay tuned for an update! Feedback will be incorporated into the final design, and the City will work towards having Riley Park open in early 2019.

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