Wesbild Public Information Session

Join Wesbild Staff at a Public Open House to share our proposed development concept – including townhomes and a nature trail – at 3541 & 3640 Sheffield Avenue.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019
5 – 7pm


Burke Mountain Firehall
3501 David Avenue, Coquitlam BC


Click here to view the Open House Information Hand Out

European Chafer Beetles

Have you noticed the turned-up lawns across the Tri-Cities? The problem of the European Chafer Beetle is plaguing not only private residences, but City lawns as well. The beetle “grubs” feed on grass and plant roots, and attract animals and birds to tear up the lawn in search of them.


Even if the beetle hasn’t appeared, it’s a good idea to understand how to protect your lawn against an infestation.

To test your lawn for Chafer Beetle grubs, cut three sides of a 30cm x 30cm square of sod/turf to a depth of 5cm. Fold back the square patch and count the grubs in the soil by digging around. Cut five more squares of sod/turf in different areas of your lawn, count the grubs in each square. If more than 5-10 grubs per square are found, then chafer control may be necessary. Testing your lawn is best to do January through March.

To control an infestation, order nematodes and apply them in late July to mid-August. Since lawns need to be kept moist after application, a water exemption permit can be attained through the City.

To prevent an infestation, keep your lawn healthy by aerating, fertilizing,
watering and mowing. A healthy lawn is your best method of defense!
Aerating your lawn is best done in the Spring.

Learn more about chafer beetles, and how to protect your lawn against them, at coquitlam.ca/chaferbeetles.

Information Kiosk Temporarily Removed

Today, due to the David Avenue widening and improvements being undertaken by the City of Coquitlam, the Foothills Information Kiosk has been temporarily taken down.

We are working on finding a new location for the Information Kiosk and will let you know as soon as it has a new home!

In the meantime, you can find the map to all the show homes here.


David Avenue Widening & Improvements

The City of Coquitlam has started their work on David Avenue, between Coast Meridian and Princeton Avenue. From the City’s website:

A contract has been awarded to Richco Contracting Ltd. to widen David Avenue, between Coast Meridian Road to approximately 100 metres east of Soball Street. The scope of work includes concrete curb and gutter installation, new catch basins, a multi-use pathway, new street lights, street trees and landscaping. David Avenue, from approximately 100 metres east of Soball Street to Princeton Avenue, will remain two lanes with new on-street bike lanes and left-turn lanes.

Construction is scheduled to begin on Monday, March 30, 2015 with completion toward the end of August, weather dependent. The sidewalk on the north side of David Avenue will remain open during construction for pedestrian access. Construction will begin on the southwest side of David Avenue. There will be some periods of alternating traffic, however, all measures will be taken to minimize disruption to residents.

Please watch the roadside display boards and the City’s website for regular construction updates.

For more information, visit coquitlam.ca.