Summer Construction Update

For Immediate Release – July 11, 2007

Below is a summary of Wesbild’s Construction Program on Burke Mountain for Summer 2007.

Infrastructure Construction Underway – We are well underway on our servicing work on our D8 and D10 parcels. We are hoping to have these areas substantially complete by Labour Day. Infrastructure Construction Upcoming – We have our approval from the City to proceed with servicing for D1, D5 and D11 and are in the process of tendering our servicing work for D1 and D5. We are hoping to begin this work in early August with it being complete in Spring 2008.

Bridges – We are intending to complete five bridge crossing during this year’s fisheries window. This includes crossings at Gislason & Coast Meridian, two on the future David Avenue extension and two on the future Soball Collector extension. You have probably noticed that we have begun clearing these areas and work will begin in August.

Compensation Projects – We have three compensation projects we are starting work on. This includes replacing two traditional culverts with box culverts to help promote fish passage in the Smiling Creek area and the creation of a salmon rearing pond in the Hyde Creek area. Harper Fill Site – Similar to last year, we are utilizing our fill site on Harper Road and you will see lots of activity around this area over the summer months.

Day to Day – We are trying to keep our dust and noise as under control as possible. This includes regular street sweeping and communication with our contractors. If you have any concerns about our construction program please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Derbyshire at or 604-945-1131.

Wesbild’s First Four Subdivisions Go To Public Hearing

For Immediate Release – March 14, 2006

After four years of working on the planning of Burke Mountain (and many more years for some of you), Wesbild’s first four subdivisions will be going to a Public Hearing in a couple of weeks. The details of the Public Hearing are below.

Date: Monday, March 27, 2006
Time: 7:30pm
Location: City Hall, Council Chambers, 3000 Guildford Way, Coquitlam, BC

The subdivisions are all located in the Upper Hyde Creek Neighbourhood Plan and it is important to note that, these subdivisions layouts are all in accordance with the Upper Hyde Creek Neighbourhood Plan. These applications have been through considerable review with City Staff and are supported by them in regards to the major issues which include Streamside Setback, Public Open Space and Technical Feasibility. If you would like more information on these subdivisions it is available via the City of Coquitlam’s website at the links below.

3305 Highland Drive and 1444 and 1456 Coast Meridian – Commonly Referred to as Parcels D10 and D11. Download PDF

3342 Highland Drive – Commonly Referred to as Parcel D8. Download PDF

1360 Coast Meridian Road – Commonly Referred to as Parcel D5. Download PDF

3365 David Avenue – Commonly Referred to as Parcel D1. Download PDF

If you are supportive of the development of Burke Mountain beginning, please consider vocalizing this support to Coquitlam’s City Council. This can be done in writing by sending a letter/e-mail to Mayor & Council attn: City Clerk (City contact information can be found at referencing the subdivisions as above or by attending and speaking at the Public Hearing. You can register to speak at the Public Hearing with the City at 604-927-3010.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Derbyshire, Community Relations Manager at 604-945-113